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We provide the chance to work with the rarest talent - renowned artists and photographers who don’t accept private commissions anywhere else. We also curate your photos, reimagine your home videos, and design various ideas from the memories you cherish. We ensure the creativity in your home is both inspired and meaningful.


It's been a great experience making this film about my Dad...It's one of those things that, once you've taken the plunge and decided to do it, you'll never regret. The film will remain exhibit A in our family archive! What you do is unique, and you do it very well indeed. As somebody who, in my professional life, deals with television and film producers on a daily basis, I can recommend the service you offer with great enthusiasm.

Peter Fincham, Notting Hill (whilst head of BBC1)

You did a great job going through literally thousands of family pictures, identifying the best ones, and arranging them into beautiful, leather-bound albums that my family will cherish for years. You also had a great intuitive sense as to which pictures really captured the essence of each of my kids and were consistently professional and responsive throughout the process.

Bill Russell, Upper East Side

Amazing, wonderful, excellent, awesome, fantastic, terrific, hilarious...and that's just some of the feedback! I'm in Marrakech and back tomorrow evening but have already shared your number with two friends. Many there already knew it was none other than McKay Williamson.

Peri Bassatne, Kensington

Madeleine cried and said ‘I don't know what you spent, but it was worth it.’ Ahh - the very sweet sound of success. 'Nuf said, really. Still, I wish I could convey how she is the prudent, sometimes self-described ‘cheap’ guardian of our finances, so you could understand what a HUGE compliment that was. Plus, I got a couple of ‘Dad, you're so cute/sweet’ comments and hugs from the kids, so I was definitely on cloud nine on Christmas day.

Kevin Treesh, Darien, Connecticut

When my son, Ian, suggested making a memoir about my experiences, I was very skeptical, because I did not see how it could be illustrated and edited to be worthwhile. Your production frankly amazed me, and I send warm congratulations for your excellent production. It was outstanding. The music and conclusion was very emotional for me as you no doubt noticed.

Sir William Barlow, Oxford

Everyone loved the video—including Luca! We loaded it onto one of our iPad’s, and he watches it constantly. His favorite part is seeing the pictures of Luca in Mama’s tummy and then being in the hospital with Dada. He also always calls out the Halloween pictures. So funny what they focus on! Thank you again for all of your work on the project. It is a truly priceless catalogue of our whole family during those years.

Laura Friedrich, NYC

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