Keepsaker is like hiring a full-time personal assistant to get to know your family and go through your media every year, for a lot less.

From the moment you subscribe, Keepsaker organizes your family’s photos into those to keep, those to delete, and those to turn into ‘keepsakes’ such as albums, framed pictures, and professional designs.

Recommendations are made algorithm-free, by a creative curator dedicated to your account. Yes…real humans.

We simply sync your devices to our secure cloud-based server. From there, we sort and recommend what to do with your best memories.

You review the keepsakes we create at your convenience. And the memorabilia you love and order will arrive on your doorstep, effortlessly.

Not only that, our award-winning photographers will provide you tips and examples to improve your picture-taking skills.


How It Works


1. Keepsaker will be configured on your main computer, and up to four devices, such as phones and tablets, with help from one of our technicians.

2. Whether your family uses mobile devices or digital cameras, as you sync and download to your main device, your images are uploaded to our cloud-based server.

3. Our curators look at every photo in your library, delete duplicates, archive quality shots, and catalogue the best pictures by date, location, theme, and people.

4. We share the filtered and polished collections with you, along with ideas on what to do with them.

5. Order only the keepsakes you love and they will be delivered to your home post-haste.


So if you’ve decided that your own personal curator is the way to get the most out of your media,
simply sign up by selecting a subscription plan and give us a call or drop us an email.