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Robi Walters

Robi is a London-based artist that transforms discarded materials into beautiful works of art. His mesmerising, colourful collages have attracted celebrity collectors such as Thandie Newton, Maxim from the Prodigy and Major Lazer’s Diplo and Jillionaire. He has also been commissioned by Aston Martin and Formula One.

“Robi’s work is therefore not only beautiful, but also a potential investment.”


Some of his works

Here you will see some the most popular and stunning art which will be present at
the exhibition from 30 June at the Gallery, London.

Darkness, 2018

One of his most expressive artworks. The concept was to reflect our social connections with each other.

Robi Walters

True, 2018

This artwork presents individual feelings. Robi's idea and observation is that nowadays people sometimes are misled by their inner emotions and not always expressing themselves as individuals.

Robi Walters

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