Art Advisory

Building collections wisely

Since 2002, we’ve specialised in helping clients get artwork they truly love. After all these years we’ve learned a few things. Every collector is different. Some are focused on how each piece makes them feel, others on the investment. Some are going to view the work every day, others will store the art.

To understand our approach to advisory, either pre-register for a copy of my new book, How to Buy the Art You’ll Love Forever (for now, you’ll get a download of the first three chapters), or visit the gallery for a coffee, maybe a lunch. Our advice is only as good as our understanding of you. To get an initial insight, start by taking our Art-I-Love Review – an online tool which helps us to understand your aesthetic.

After all, choosing the right advisor is not about our relationships with the top galleries, dealers and artists. It’s about our relationship with you. Buying art is more than an asset, it’s a legacy.

Once we understand what you’re trying to achieve, of course, our services include:

  • Advice and discussion based on experience, research and trend analysis.
  • Good relationships with galleries and dealers to gain access to pieces directly, and avoid the auction houses.
  • Relationships which enable us to jump the queue of sought-after artists.
  • Track estate sales, especially at lesser-known auction houses, where excellent deals can be found.
  • And when needed, providing some objective and measured support when buying at the big auctions.

Richard Williamson
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