McKay Williamson RAD Friday
Wednesday, 15 September 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
I hope you had a good summer. Mine was a disaster – if you have 3 unplanned hospital visits in 3 months, that’s a bad sign! They say things happen in 3s… so maybe I’m now invincible!
McKay Williamson Artists
Friday, 14 May 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
Our reveals links are now coming from our YouTube page! Several of you shared that you weren’t always able to view the Instagram links, so we’ve changed it.
Shelley Anderson Sculpture
Friday, 30 April 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
My big news this week - I’ve just been commissioned to create a public memorial. Although I can’t share details yet, it’s a huge honour. I will share the piece here in a couple months.
Alexander Trifonov
Friday, 23 April 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
I’ve got some cool links to share in the coming weeks. Not only do I have a host of new Reveals, but during lockdown we’ve forged some new relationships, which I’ll be introducing over the next few RAD Fridays. Watch this space!
Friday, 09 April 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
Woo-hoo.. we are re-opening the gallery on Monday! The diary is looking busy again, finally. Thank you, thank you, thank you to our amazing supporters during this difficult time. We look forward to seeing many of you soon.
McKay Williamson Photography
Friday, 26 March 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
Are you as excited as me about that refreshing sense of Spring in the air? The mornings are brighter, the flowers are blooming; we’re all emerging into something more positive! Below I reveal a piece where light and energy come together.
RAD Friday
Friday, 12 March 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
The times, they are a changin’… or revealin’! The last year forced me, probably most of us, to question what we do and why. I am oddly thrilled to share the result of this soul searching today.
McKay Williamson Artists
Friday, 26 February 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
For many of us the past 12 months has brought about a renewed and profound appreciation for our families. Spending more time with some of our closest loved ones, while separated from others, has brought a lot of focus to the importance of making sure our families know how much we care about them.
McKay Williamson Artists
Friday, 19 February 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
If my database is working, this email is going to men. Mother’s Day is in four weeks; I don’t know about you, but in my house, mummy has bourn the brunt of lockdown. If this is the year for a spectacular Mother’s Day, this is the email for you. 👍
Saturday, 06 February 2021 / Published in RAD Friday
It’s said the cure for anything is salt water. Through sweat, tears or the sea, we can find whatever catharsis we need. I’ve tried the first two, so the cure for Lockdown must be a visit to the sea. Since that isn’t happening any time soon, today’s theme is a virtual, creative visit to the sea.