Creative Video Ideas

For 20 years, we’ve made the best event videos in the world; let us help make your occasion one to remember. Below are some examples of videos we have produced. Anything is possible! 

Event Ideas

Whilst we shoot events, we’re best known for the films we make to venerate an event. Whether shown to packed ballrooms or intimate gatherings, these pieces are the height of couture. You’ll find a few pieces to watch here, but there are many we haven’t permission to show. 

Rockstar Videos

 With any song, we can help orchestrate the filming, or just piece together the results. Either way, few films create a better feel-good factor for the lucky recipient.



KidFX is a unique idea that combines the magic of modern-day filmmaking and a child’s playfulness.

Guest of Honour Videos

The Guest of Honor film is designed for that amazing person in our lives that truly deserve to be honoured, to be recognised, for the many ways they add their signature to our world.

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