Organising your photos and videos.

The KeepSaker media library is curated by a person – not a machine.

Unlike apps or clever algorithms, we assign a human being to organise your family's media.

We take the time and energy to get to know your media and get it organised; not just digital files, but also physical photos, cine reels, tape cassettes, camera drives, floppy discs – and anything else you can think of!

We run duplication software on your digital files, so we don't waste time with multiple iterations of the same image.

We first run duplication software on the digital files, and we separate out documents and memes, so we’re not wasting time. Once we have organised your physical media, we digitise your videos, photos, and anything else you may have.

As regularly as you request, we’ll show you how we’re getting on

So, whenever you want to find that cherished moment, your memories are all in one place.

How it Works


We perform a Media Assessment, which tells us (and you) how much media you have, the total budget, and what scope of creative projects we could do.


We sort through your media and select the very best images and videos. We collaborate with you to make sure we're on the same page.


We then scan your photos, digitise your tapes, and organise your media into an easy-to-use library that makes sense to you.

Once your media is organised, then we can get creative.