Take the Best SmartPhone Photos Ever

SmartPhone cameras are becoming more and more incredible, treat so lets get the most out of them.

1. Lighting is King

Magic Hour – this is the hour just before and after sunset and sunrise, when the light is at its most magical.  Take advantage!

Don’t try to fight the sun – the sun will always win. In most cases, the best shots of people appear in the shade, or on overcast days, when the light is softer.

Try back and side-lighting your subjects for more interesting levels of depth and contour.

2. Composition is Queen

Turn on that grid – By using the built-in grid, you avoid wonky shots.  Lines are immediately straight and symmetry is achieved.   Try aligning any horizontal lines of your subject with those on the grid. Then take the shot.

Remember the Rule of Thirds. By placing your subject away from the centre and towards the points where the gridlines intersect, your subject and background elements are in harmony with each other.

Negative Space – many photographs are just a little boring because everything is centred in the image, except its energy.  Most images have some sort of direction to them, and allowing negative space for that momentum gives it more flow.

3. Crop Don’t Zoom.

Or even better, get closer to your subject.  If that’s not an option, cropping will retain more image quality.

4.Prioritize Aperture.

Not all SmartPhones have this feature, but for those that do, aperture is the simplest tip for a single setting that will transform a photograph. Learn more here.

For portraits, set the aperture as low as possible. The aperture is also the f-stop, and means that things not in focus are blurry. A nice f-stop for portraits is between 1.2 – 3.2.

For landscapes, or when you want the entire field of view in focus, then you want a high f-stop, or in most cases, just put the phone on automatic.

5. Edit Don’t Filter.

Download some good editing software, something you have to pay for like SnapSeed, and start learning how cool it is. Good editing software can make an average image into an amazing one.

6. Clean The Lens

It has more dirt on it than you realise.